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Exploring Flashback Records: Insights and Offerings for Vinyl Collectors


Flashback Records is described as a crate digger's paradise, especially the basement of the Islington branch. What unique finds or services can music lovers discover at Flashback Records that they might not find at other record stores?

Flashback Records is a treasure trove for music lovers of all stripes, especially those who relish the thrill of the hunt. Our shops are well known for their vast collections of used vinyl, offering a unique opportunity to discover rare pressings, out-of-print gems, and forgotten classics you won't find in mainstream shops. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our stock, from classic rock and jazz to obscure international pressings and cult-favourite soundtracks. We also have a curated selection of new vinyl selected by our staff.

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Can you describe the types of customers that Flashback Records attracts? Has a community formed around your stores, and if so, what events or initiatives do you hold to engage with this community?

Our shops attract a passionate and knowledgeable clientele who share a love for music in its physical form. This vibrant community gathers around our shops, fostering a sense of shared discovery and friendly conversation. We actively engage with this community by hosting a number of live events at local music venues like The Shacklewell Arms, The George Tavern, MOTH Club, and The Old Blue Last, so we have close ties to London's independent music scene and offer the chance to attend free events featuring the most exciting new band’s in town.

Flashback Records has a strong presence not just in physical locations but also online. How does the online aspect of your business complement the in-store experience, and what challenges and opportunities does it present?

Our online presence complements the in-store experience by offering a curated selection of new and used records, along with detailed descriptions and details about the condition of the records. This allows music lovers from outside London to browse our stock while also serving as a handy resource for in-store customers to pre-check specific titles before their visit. However, we believe there's no substitute for the tactile experience of flipping through vinyl records and the joy of stumbling upon unexpected finds in our shops, so it's always worth visiting too. Because there has been an increased interest in vinyl records recently, we are always open to looking at records that collectors might want to sell to us. Keeping up with the demand is both challenging and exciting. We love stacking our shops with new finds for record collectors.

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For individuals interested in selling their record collection to Flashback Records, what conditions or genres are you currently most interested in acquiring, and can you offer any tips for those looking to sell their collections for the first time?

We're always interested in acquiring high-quality used vinyl collections, including rock, reggae, jazz, hip-hop, electronic, and soundtracks. We buy all genres! We also have a keen eye for rare pressings and unique releases. For first-time sellers, we recommend organising your collection by genre if possible and bringing some photo ID for a smooth evaluation process. You can also just rock up to any of our shops, and our friendly staff will be happy to guide you further.

For those just beginning to explore vinyl records or looking to start their collection, what advice would you give? Where should they start when they visit Flashback Records?

For those new to the world of vinyl, we recommend starting by exploring genres you already love. Don't be afraid to ask our knowledgeable staff for recommendations; they're passionate about music and love helping newcomers discover hidden gems. We also have listening decks for used vinyl, so you can try before you buy. You'll get your vinyl adventure started on the right note.

Flashback Records is an independent record shop with three London locations in Islington, Shoreditch, and Crouch End.