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Shangri-La Records: A Vinyl Oasis


Owned by a dedicated duo, Shangri-La boasts 10,000+ LPs & unique Memphis rarities. Beyond vinyl, find CDs, films, and more, plus events celebrating music and community.

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Who is the owner of the store? I'm curious to know about your journey into vinyl collecting and what prompted you to open your own store.

I own the store along with Lori McStay. Her husband, Jared, passed away recently and was my business partner. Jared was the long time owner of the store, having bought it originally from his high school buddy and Shangri-La founder, Sherman Wilmott.

My journey into vinyl collecting started as a kid when I discovered some records my parents had stashed away and never listened to anymore. There was a copy of the Beatles comp "Hey Jude" in there and after a few listens to "Don't Let Me Down" I knew I was hooked.

Approximately, how many records do you have in your collection right now, and how are they categorized? What formats dominate your shelves?

Shangri-La has upwards of 10,000 LPs, with nearly as many 45s. Our music is all divided by genre and era, then alphabetized.

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Is there something particularly rare or unique that can only be found at your store? What sets your store apart from others?

In addition to our own merchandise and that from local Memphis artists of all stripes, we specialize in regional music of all styles, past and present. We are huge supporters of our local scene, so right now in the store you'll find Memphis rarities from an original pressing of Jerry Lee Lewis's first record on Sun, rare sealed Memphis blues on the Stax label, to a small batch press of LPs from a modern Memphis hip hop artist.

Aside from vinyl, what other items are available for purchase at your store? Do you host any events?

We also sell CDs, DVD/Blu-Ray (music docs, concert films, and cult classic movies), posters, 8 tracks, books, classic music magazines (Cream, Circus, Crawdad, Rolling Stone, Mojo, etc), and apparel.

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We host spring, summer, and fall day parties where we have deep discounts on records as well as free live music from local and out of town acts.

Where do you typically source new vinyl from? Do you buy vinyl from private collections?

We get records from everywhere. Private collections, trades with customesr, purchases from labels and artists we like, as well as some through larger distribution channels. Always on the hunt!

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