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SqueezeBox Records: Vinyl Shop in Wilmington


SqueezeBox Records stands out with its unique offerings, including rare music memorabilia and a live stage for bands. Offering a wide range of genres, SqueezeBox caters to customers of all ages. Beyond just a record store, it's a place for education and discovery in the vibrant Wilmington music scene...

What inspired you to open SqueezeBox Records, and how did you envision its role in the city's music scene?

Inspiration for SqueezeBox Records came from when I was young, it’s as simple as this: I want to work in and own a record shop.

Approximately, how many records do you have in your collection right now, and how are they categorized? What formats dominate your shelves?

As for how many records we have in the shop, I reluctantly say 20,000, however if we add all of the records together, we store them at the shop and elsewhere, would easily reach 30,000.

We categorize them in Genre form ie… Rock, Jazz, Soul, Funk, Reggae, Hip Hop and a few other smaller genres such as Classical, 50’s, Punk, Rock-a-Billy etc. Rock and Roll easily dominates the shelves.

Is there something particularly rare or unique that can only be found at your store? What sets your store apart from others?

We carry a bunch on music memorabilia such as:

A stage used a Peter Gabriel (Geffen) Sledgehammer, a 1980’s Led Zeppelin Battle Jacket and for sure our stage for bands which we have a couple of times a month.

What do you believe is the enduring appeal of vinyl records, and who are the typical customers that frequent your store?

Our shop runs about 70% Vintage Vinyl and 30% Brand New Vinyl. We have customers that range from 12 years old to 80 years old. The appeal is the idea that today you can stop into our store and touch, smell, check for condition and play with these pieces of black gold. It’s the hands on which you can never get online.

Could you share some insights into the significance of Wilmington, both culturally and musically?

Wilmington, DE has and has had a wide range of musical talent. The city was a gateway to Atlantic City which back in the 50’s bands would pass through and do a gig or two.

Culturally Wilmington, DE had a super hot Jazz scene, major acts would come through Wilmington to get to Atlantic City. Through this period a plethora of Wilmington’s Jazz Musicians would open for the bigger named bands from Philadelphia. Lem Winchester, Clifford Brown to name a couple.

For someone new to vinyl collecting, what advice would you give them to start their collection, and how can SqueezeBox Records assist in their journey?

SqueezeBox Records is a place to learn, our crew is educated in all formats of music. This was one of the reasons we opened the shop, to educate new, younger collectors about Records. Though we do carry CDs, Cassette and other formats, SqueezeBox is a Record store. We also fix and carry the gear needed to play records, Turntable, Power Amps, Storage and other things you need to listen to the Vinyls. We also carry vintage gear.

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