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Value is based on the condition of the vinyl, sleeve/cover, and genre. There are certain genres that have a higher demand; for example, Rock has more value than Classical.


Do you offer cash or store credit for records?

It depends on each collection, but the music curator will work with you to determine the best option.

Are there any types of records you do not accept?

We accept all genres. The 78 records have no value so we do not pay for these items, but we do take them as donations and use them in our artwork at the store. Our goal is not to have any items go into a landfill.

What happens if the items in my collection have no market value?

If these items have no value, we do accept donations to use the items for artwork and displays in our store.

Can I bring my records without an appointment?

No appointment is necessary. We do have a cart to assist in bringing the items from your vehicle into the store, please ask one of our team members for assistance when you arrive.

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