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What types of records do you stock at First Day Vinyl?

We are about a 70/30 split favoring new product but still have thousands of used records as well, most under $20. New product tends to favor indie rock, modern pop, and hip hop. We also have feature areas for jazz, hard rock, punk, country, staff picks, and some essentials sorted by decade.

Do you have a website where I can check current inventory?

Yes, you can check our current store inventory at our website: It includes tabs for local releases, Record Store Day titles, and more.

What special sections or deals do you offer?

We have a 3 for $10 and 3 for $5 area in the store. Jazz and classical music have their own dedicated bins.

How often does your inventory change?

The stock rotates daily, so what is in store today might look vastly different than 2 weeks from now. The more notable, harder to find stuff will be on our site under the used tab.

Do you specialize in rare records?

Our niche as a store is having more of a populist bend; our stock is geared more towards helping folks build a collection at a reasonable price rather than carrying a lot of 'grail' type records. Occasionally those will come in and tend to be featured on our ‘wonderwall’ behind the counter, but for the most part, we don’t specialize in rare records.

What should I do when I visit your store?

We hope you are able to stop in soon, and please introduce yourself when you do! Hope this helps, cheers!

Travis @ First Day

Last updated: 2024-07-03

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