Record store: Folk Arts Rare Records

Folk Arts Rare Records, located at 3610 University Ave, is renowned for its comprehensive approach to buying record collections of all sizes and genres. Managed by Brendan, the store operates seven days a week from 10am to 6pm, ensuring a buying manager with decades of experience is always available to assess collections without the need for an appointment.

Genres and Eras: Folk Arts has a voracious appetite for a wide array of musical genres, boasting San Diego's largest selection of Jazz, Soul, International, Latin, Blues, Rock, Psych, Electronic, Punk, and much more. They are keen on purchasing records from various eras, welcoming diversity in musical history.

Appointment and Evaluation: Walk-ins are accepted seven days a week, with no appointment necessary, making it convenient for sellers to have their collections assessed on their schedule.

Valuation Process: The valuation is likely based on a combination of market value, rarity, and condition, though Folk Arts emphasizes a generous assessment approach. The precise methodology can be further understood during the evaluation.

Additional Services: For larger collections, Folk Arts offers the convenience of assessing the collection at the seller's location, ensuring ease and generosity in the evaluation process. Sellers are encouraged to call for more information.

Any Specific Exclusions: The store appears to have an inclusive buying policy, actively purchasing all formats of tangible media, including LPs, 45s, 78s, CDs, tapes, 8-tracks, and music memorabilia, without mention of specific exclusions.

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record store address: 3610 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104, USA