Record store: Fresh Produce Records


What kind of items do you purchase?

Typically we will purchase anything that is in sellable condition and of value. We are looking for titles throughout all genres.

How should I bring items for appraisal?

The best thing is to bring the entirety of what you have in so that we can appraise it all. Although condition is a factor, we'd prefer to see it in person to grade it before discounting anything as "Not worth bringing".

When do you typically buy items?

We do buy ins Tuesday through Saturday at our shop by appointment between 1PM and 6PM.

Are you flexible with buy in times?

Yes, we're flexible if the typical window from 1PM to 6PM doesn't work for you. Let us know what is convenient for you.

How can I set up an appointment?

Right now I don't have much scheduled for this week, so let me know what is convenient and we'll set an appointment to check out what you have.

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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Contact the store

record store address: 567 Cherry St, Macon, GA 31201, USA