Record store: 2nd Avenue Records

Our store covers a wide range of music genres including rock, jazz, soul, funk, rap, blues, reggae, and a robust selection of metal & punk. We welcome a broad spectrum of music genres as long as the records and jackets are in good condition and appeal to our diverse clientele.


What genres and eras of music does 2ND AVENUE RECORDS specialize in?

What are the condition requirements for selling records at 2ND AVENUE RECORDS?

We emphasize the importance of good condition for both records and jackets. While we do not specify detailed criteria, sellers are advised to ensure their items are well-maintained to meet our quality standards.

Is an appointment necessary to sell records, cassettes, CDs, or t-shirts?

No appointment is necessary for selling items at our store. However, a phone call before visiting is recommended, especially for substantial collections, to facilitate a smoother transaction.

Are there any additional services for selling large collections?

Currently, all evaluations and transactions are handled in-store, and we do not offer at-home assessments for large collections. We welcome walk-ins for selling items.

Cathy, the manager of 2ND AVENUE RECORDS, oversees this haven for vinyl enthusiasts, located in the historic Governor Building in downtown Portland.

Contact the store

record store address: 400 SW 2nd Ave, Portland, OR 97204, USA