Record store: Get Hip Records

We are mainly interested in LPs and 45s, and we typically look for genres like rock, pop, garage, jazz, reggae, and hip hop. Unfortunately, we do not carry classical music, big bands, or comedy records.


Do you buy records in any condition?

We buy complete records only, meaning we require the vinyl along with its jacket and any inserts. We do not purchase loose LPs or empty jackets.

What days are you available at the store?

I will be at the store from Thursday to Saturday.

What are your store hours for buying records?

You can visit us to sell your records from 10AM to 6PM, Thursday through Saturday.

Can I bring records not listed in the genres you mentioned?

While our main focus is on specific genres such as rock, pop, jazz, etc., you are welcome to bring other genres. We'll take a look and consider them based on our current stock and customer demand.


Get Hip Inc. 1800 Columbus Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15233 USA

Contact the store

record store address: 1800 Columbus Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15233, USA