Record store: Gray Cat Music

The format that sells best for us are 12 inch records (aka LPs or albums). We are very selective on 45's and 78's.  The genre's that sell best for us are Rock, 80s pop, Funk, Soul, and Electronic. But we are always buying records that are less common like to see what people have in their collections.

In general we don't buy classical or easy listening but there are exceptions in every genre of music.  If an album has no cover or lots of scratches/unplayable we can pay anything on those.  I hope this helps.

We prefer to buy on Wednesdays and Thursdays if possible since those are slower days.

Thanks- Drew Gray Cat Music

1041 East Montague Ave Suite 102 N Charleston, SC

Shop hours: Wednesday-Friday 12-6pm Saturday 11am-6pm Sunday 12-6pm Closed on Mon/Tues

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record store address: 4610 Spruill Ave Suite 103, North Charleston, SC 29405, USA