Record store: Hardy Boys Records and Comics

Hardy Boys Records and Comics, led by Dean Hardy, is a prominent destination for selling records, comics, cassettes, laserdiscs, guitars/amps, and movie/music memorabilia.


How can I get my collection assessed by Dean?

Dean offers free assessments of collections to provide retail value estimates. You can contact Dean directly to set up a personalized appointment for evaluating your items.

What types of items does Dean's shop accept?

The shop is interested in a wide range of genres and decades, focusing on multimedia collections. Whether you have vintage music records, classic films, or other collectibles, Dean is likely interested.

What should I expect during the valuation process?

Valuations are based on retail numbers, with a transparent and honest approach. Even if you choose not to sell, Dean provides advice on alternative selling avenues where you might find success.

What options do I have if I decide to sell my collection to Dean?

Dean makes outright offers for purchases. While store credit options are not explicitly mentioned, Dean's upfront communication ensures clarity and understanding of all available options before making a decision.

Are there any additional services offered during the collection assessment?

The shop offers free collection assessments, focusing on the value and potential of your items. There is no specific mention of at-location services for large collections, but you can discuss your specific needs during your appointment setup.

Contact the store

record store address: 11237 Lawyers Rd STE 201, Mint Hill, NC 28227, USA