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We buy used LPs from folks just like you at the shop every day between Noon and 5pm. We do not purchase CDs or 78s at this time.

We will take an honest look at anything you bring in: we have a warehouse with almost 750k used LPs of every genre and we are unafraid to add to our stock; however, we insist the LPs be in generally good and playable shape with intact outer sleeves and artwork. We love rock and jazz genres but, again, we will take an honest look at everything!

All best, Andy Skinner (he/him)

Co-Owner Indy CD & Vinyl: Central Indiana's Largest Independent Record Store 806 Broad Ripple Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46220  (317) 259-1012 web:

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record store address: 806 Broad Ripple Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220, USA