Record store: Invincible Vinyl

I carry most genres and am interested in a very wide breadth of genres, with the exception of things that people just don't seem to be interested in any more (such as classical, show tunes, big band jazz, most old easy listening etc.) The way I do things is I like to look at each item and price it accordingly based upon the value/demand for the title, the condition of the record and the sleeve and add up an amount I can pay for a collection. Often times there are old or records without much demand mixed in with good ones in a collection and I understand that. What I do it typically I am willing to take all the records if overall it is a good collection, but I just won't pay for records I don't think I can sell. I know many people are selling their collections because they are moving or need space so I like to help them out clearing out everything, I just can't pay for things that won't sell. And yes I love doing buys as store credit, and I'll usually give like 10% more if we do it that way.

What kind of stuff do you have? where are you located? Do you have more questions for me?

Cheers, Dave

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record store address: 99 Kalamath St, Denver, CO 80223, USA