Record store: Laughing Sam's Discs

We buy from individuals. You can bring them by anytime—we'll look for condition and desirability of title. Give yourself time to go get a coffee or something, as it will take a little bit of time to go through many LPs to determine a fair price.


What criteria do you use when looking at collections?

When looking at collections, I look for genres and titles that appeal to a variety of people, from popular to unique, weird, and standard. Some artists, like Barbara Streisand, Roy Conniff, and Johnny Mathis, usually don't sell well.

What condition do the albums need to be in?

The condition of the albums is very important. I typically look for albums in VG+ condition or better. Rare titles in lower condition might be considered, but I don't mark those high in value.

Do you purchase collections outright or do trades?

I usually purchase collections outright, buying the good, the bad, and the ugly as a whole. Sometimes I do trades, which are usually equal in value to the cash I would offer.

When is the best time to call or visit the shop?

I'm open from 11-6 Wednesday through Saturday and Sunday from 12-4. You are welcome to call or stop by during these hours if you'd like me to look at your collection.

Cheers, Mike 504-722-8120

Contact the store

record store address: 124 St Denis St, Natchitoches, LA 71457, USA