Record store: Lavender Vinyl

If you're looking to sell or evaluate your record collection, we're here to assist. Our evaluation is thorough and reflects the current market values, ensuring you receive fair treatment and transparency in every transaction.


Do you buy records from individuals?

Yep, we do buy records. People are welcome to bring their records in anytime. It just takes us some time to go through them—upwards of a week on average, depending on how many records they have or what trades we have at the time.

What determines the value of the records I bring in?

The value is determined by the condition of the records, art, particular press, current market value, and other factors.

What types of records are you interested in buying?

We are interested in all types of records. We don't really buy 78's because they are so fragile, but we are happy to look at any collection.

What happens to records you are not interested in?

If there are some records we are not interested in, we can donate them or the customer can take them back.

How long does it take to evaluate a collection?

It can take upwards of a week to go through a collection, depending on the number of records and our current workload from other trades and evaluations.

We hope this information helps you understand our process and what you can expect when you bring your records to our shop. Our goal is to make the selling and evaluation process as smooth and fair as possible. Feel free to drop by or contact us with your collection!

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