Record store: M&M Records and Audio

This store prides itself on a diverse selection that spans genres such as classic rock, pop, new wave, hip hop, reggae, hard rock, punk, metal, and jazz. Dedicated to celebrating the vast spectrum of music, it caters to audiophiles and collectors seeking depth and authenticity in their listening experience.

Quality and condition are paramount here. The store strives to stock records that are at least in VG (Very Good) condition, understanding the delicate balance between a record's age and its sonic integrity. While embracing the character of a well-played album, the collection meets a standard that satisfies the discerning ear.

For those looking to sell their collections, the store offers a straightforward and equitable buying process. Each record is meticulously reviewed, considering its condition, artist, and current market demand, with Discogs market values guiding the fair pricing strategy. It's noted that the store's eclectic taste doesn't extend to genres such as classical, orchestra, big bands, or crooners.

Visitors are invited to step into the store to delve into the rich narrative of music's past and present. Together, the community celebrates the enduring legacy of vinyl and its pivotal role in the tapestry of musical expression.

Contact the store

record store address: 18505 Paulson Dr, Port Charlotte, FL 33954, United States