Record store: Late Nite Records

Late Nite Records has just opened its doors in Cleveland, bringing a unique approach to the local record store scene. Specializing in psych, hip-hop, electronic, garage, and rock, this store features an extensive selection of imports and 45s, all in beautiful vinyl.


What inspired you to open Late Nite Records, and how did it come about?

I always wanted to open a record store, but I thought it would happen after retirement. When I was laid off in 2021, I decided to start early. Spending a lot of time in record shops made me envy those who live and breathe this daily!

How many records do you currently have, and which formats dominate your collection?

We have around 20,000 records, focusing mainly on hip-hop, electronic, and psych rock.

What makes Cleveland culturally and musically significant?

Cleveland is the birthplace of rock and roll and has produced great artists, continuing to do so even today!

Do you buy record collections, and are there specific genres or items you prefer?

Yes, I buy almost anything that's in good shape.

What advice would you offer to those new to vinyl collecting?

Start with a few records from different genres, so you have a variety to listen to for different moods.

Why should collectors use cash to pay at your store?

It adds to the charm of the place and creates memorable interactions.

How is Late Nite Records unique in its selection and customer experience?

The carefully curated collection prioritizes VG+ condition, covering jazz, soul, international music, and other diverse genres. The store's welcoming vibe and knowledgeable staff make it a must-visit for vinyl enthusiasts.

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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Contact the store

record store address: 2602 Walton Ave Cleveland, OH 44102 United States of America