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What is the process for selling a large collection of records to Record Exchange?

Usually, for collections this size, we ask the sellers to bring them to us. You can bring them in any day that we're open.

How does Record Exchange determine the price for a collection of records?

There's really no way to say what we'd pay until we know the condition. Basically, all of the factors that you listed are things that we consider when buying collections of any size.

Can I bring my record collection on any day to sell?

Yes, you can bring your record collection to sell on any day that we are open.

What factors influence the purchase price of a record collection at Record Exchange?

The purchase price is influenced by several factors, including the overall condition of the records and the specific details of each item within the collection.

Is there an appointment needed to bring in a large collection of records?

No appointment is necessary. We welcome you to bring your collection any day during our regular business hours.


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Reckless Records
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Last updated: 2024-05-29

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