Record store: Revolution Records

I focus on the desirability and condition of each item, aiming to provide a transparent and fair process. Follow our journey on Instagram for updates and engagement with our music-loving community.


Do you have a physical store?

I don't have a hard store. I usually come to the customer to evaluate and possibly purchase their records.

How can I show you my records if you don’t have a store?

If you want to send pictures or a flip-through video, I can get a sense of what you have. This helps in preliminary assessment before I visit you.

What factors do you consider when valuing records?

Determining the value involves assessing desirability and condition primarily. I also inspect, clean, grade, determine release versions, and price each item to ensure fairness and accuracy.

It seems I want retail prices for my collection; what do you suggest?

It seems that you are interested in getting retail for your collection. If that is the case, then selling each piece individually is the way to go.

Can you recommend a physical shop if I want to sell there?

If you want to take it to a hard shop, I recommend Daddy Kool. They will give you a fair price. Tell them Jim sent you.

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Contact the store

record store address: 800 49th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33710, USA