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What kind of inventory do you carry at your store?

I only carry vintage vinyl. While the selection isn't huge, it is carefully curated from years of collecting and selling.

How long have you been in the record and vintage clothing business?

I have been selling records and vintage clothing for over 20 years, focusing on quality and authenticity.

What is your approach to managing your inventory?

My motto is to buy collections and pick out the good stuff, donate the bad stuff. This ensures a selection of quality items for customers.

How does your pricing compare to other stores in the area?

You’ll find my prices lower than most in the area with rarely complained about grading. I strive to offer fair prices that reflect the quality and rarity of the items.

How do you ensure the quality of your products?

By curating each item myself, I ensure that only the best products make it to the sales floor, guaranteeing satisfaction with the condition and authenticity.

Thank you for your interest!
Amy Hearh
Owner of The Lucky Tiger

Last updated: 2024-06-30

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