Record store: Abraxas Wax


What genres of music do you specialize in at your store?

We have a decent selection of jazz, which is a genre I am personally very fond of, along with various other genres.

Do you carry both new and used vinyl?

Yes, we carry both sealed and used vinyl to cater to different preferences and collectors.

Do you have any local music in your collection?

While our local music selection is not extensive, we do carry a few local items, mainly CDs and a couple of records.

What can I expect when visiting your store?

You can expect a passionate and welcoming environment, especially if you're a jazz enthusiast! We're excited to have you visit.

How often do you update your inventory?

Our inventory is updated regularly, so there are always new finds to discover each time you visit.

See ya soon

Last updated: 2024-06-30

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