Record store: Atomic Age Modern

Atomic Age Modern is a store in Mesa, Arizona, specializing in mid-century modern furniture and vintage decor. You'll also find a diverse selection of vinyl records for sale.


What information do you need about my album collection before making a purchase?

Are you able to tell us genres of the album collection? Some artists or albums would be helpful. We tend to purchase whole lots, so knowing more about what you have helps us make a decision.

Do you purchase large lots of albums?

Yes, we tend to purchase whole lots and we don't usually pay much for each, so large lots work for us. This allows us to offer a broader selection at our shop.

What should I do if you are not interested in my albums?

Thanks for this. Unfortunately, if these albums are not something we are interested in purchasing for the shop, we recommend checking with other record shops around town.

How can I contact you to discuss potential album sales?

Let us know what you have by reaching out through our contact details provided on our website or store. We appreciate the opportunity to review what you are offering.

Are there specific genres or artists you are more likely to purchase?

While we are open to various genres and artists, knowing specific ones in advance can greatly assist in our decision-making process. We are particularly interested in whole lots and collections.

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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