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We stock everything. Ideally, we're looking for records that aren't scratched and are playable, but we can take a look at anything you have.


What types of records are you looking for?

Mainly, we're looking for punk, hardcore, experimental, underground, indie, etc. But we also stock mainstream rock, country, jazz, New Orleans schlock, whatever.

Are there any types of records you do not prefer?

Not too much classical unless it's more in the experimental vein. Not too much big band/mawmaw pawpaw stuff, but we have a good chunk of solid oldies.

What are your store hours?

I'm at the shop Monday through Friday from 12 PM to 6 PM every week. We can make a special appointment if you need to.

How do you evaluate the records?

Depending on how much stuff you bring in, we'll quickly go through all the vinyl to check the condition. We generally pay out 50% of retail in cash, and we'll bump that up a good bit if you'd prefer credit.

Can I bring my records any time?

Yes, just bring in whatever you have, and I'll sort through it. If our regular hours don't work, I can swing out by you.

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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