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Can I sell my LP records at Skinnies Records?

Skinnies Records invites the public to sell their LP records on any day. The store emphasizes the need for records to be marketable or unique, not already abundant in their current inventory.

What should I do before bringing my records to the store?

Sellers are encouraged to call and set up an appointment to bring in their records, ensuring a smooth transaction process.

What kind of records does your store focus on?

You can look at my Instagram account to get a good idea of what I have on hand to get a better idea. Punk, metal, and contemporary hip-hop is what keeps the place open. We focus on non-chain store stuff primarily.

How can I get a preview of your inventory?

To get a better understanding of our inventory, you can visit my Instagram account. This will give you an idea of the types of records we typically stock and sell.

What can I expect when I visit your store?

See you when you get here! Expect a focus on punk, metal, and contemporary hip-hop, along with a variety of unique and marketable records.

Steve Athey
Skinnies Records
431 W. 22nd. St
Norfolk,Va. 23517
757 622 2241
Since 1987

Last updated: 2024-06-30

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record store address: 431 W 22nd St, Norfolk, VA 23517, USA