Record store: Sonidos Music & More

Claudia Mendiola-Durán's record shop is a vibrant hub for music enthusiasts looking to buy, sell, or trade their cherished vinyl collections and other varied media. Always in search of intriguing finds to delight their customers, they encourage anyone with items to sell to reach out.


What genres and eras of music does the shop specialize in?

The shop seeks a variety of genres, but is selective with Classical, Big Band, Showtunes, and certain Easy Listening. Unique finds in any genre are always of interest.

What are the condition requirements for selling items?

Only items in good condition for both vinyl and covers are considered. Specifics of the grading standards can be discussed during evaluation.

How does the appointment and evaluation process work?

Appointments are preferred; calls ahead are encouraged. The Record shop is closed Mondays and Tuesdays, so Wednesday – Friday are best. Saturdays are appointment-only.

How is the valuation of items determined?

Values are determined based on market desirability, rarity, and condition, among other factors.

What are the selling options available?

Offers can be made via PayPal, Cashapp, or business check. Cash is offered only when enough cash sales have been made on any given day to allow for payouts. Trades for store credit are also welcome.

Are there any specific exclusions or types of media currently not favored by the shop?

Due to current stock levels and market trends, the shop is particularly cautious with 45s and the specified genres that are not typically favored by their clientele.

Can I request an at-home assessment for large collections?

For large collections, inquiries about at-home assessments can be made, though generally, items need to be brought to the store.

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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