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Do you carry a variety of music genres?

Yes, we specialize in rock and metal but also represent a wide variety of genres including jazz and pop. We cater to both new releases and many more vintage pressings.

How extensive is your vinyl collection?

We have well over 10,000 records available. This extensive collection ensures a diverse selection suitable for different musical tastes.

What types of music do you focus on?

While we generally specialize in rock and metal, we ensure a diverse stock that includes other popular genres like jazz and pop to cater to all our customers' needs.

Do you have both new and vintage vinyl records?

Yes, our store features a mix of both new releases and vintage pressings, providing a comprehensive selection for collectors and music enthusiasts alike.

Can I get a preview of what your store offers?

Certainly! I've attached a sampling of our main vinyl area to give you a better idea of what we have in store. Hope that clarifies a little.


Last updated: 2024-06-22

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