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Welcome to our store! We appreciate your interest in selling your record collection to us. Below are some common questions we receive about our buying process to help you prepare for your visit.


What types of records do you typically purchase?

We usually purchase records from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, focusing on rock genres. They need to be in very good condition as we resell them.

How do you determine the price you pay for records?

We use Ebay (sold records, not asking price) and Discogs to determine what the record would sell for. This helps us offer a fair price based on market value.

What is the maximum amount you pay for a record?

Rarely will I buy a record that is valued at over $50. This helps us keep our inventory affordable for our customers.

How much do you pay for the records?

We pay between 25-30% of the selling price of the LP. We pay cash or check, as we do not offer store credit.

Is there a limit to how many LPs I can bring in at once?

We ask that you limit to 100 max at a time. You will probably be asked to leave them, as it takes a while to determine the value.

What should I do before coming to the store?

Since I am in and out of the store a lot with service calls, etc., it's best you call prior to coming in. This ensures that I am available to review your collection.

Thank you for considering us for selling your records. We look forward to seeing what gems you bring to our store!

Best, Marilyn The LISTENING ROOM Hi Fi Shoppe & Home Theater Systems

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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