Record store: Tres Gatos

Tres Gatos is thrilled to offer a diverse selection of vinyl records and participate in exciting events like Record Store Day. Below are some common questions to help visitors get to know the store better.


How does Tres Gatos determine the value of used vinyl?

Tres Gatos typically offers half credit when buying used vinyl. For example, if a record is to be sold for $20, Tres Gatos will offer $10 in credit. This method helps keep the store's collection fresh and exciting by constantly updating it with new finds.

What payment methods does Tres Gatos use for purchasing vinyl?

Tres Gatos uses PayPal to pay for the vinyl it purchases. This method allows the store to process transactions smoothly and efficiently.

What genres of vinyl does Tres Gatos usually accept?

The store accepts almost all genres but is particularly on the lookout for Rock, Blues, and Jazz records. These genres tend to be customer favorites.

Does Tres Gatos accept all types of vinyl records?

The store usually does not take 45s or 78s. The focus is primarily on full-length LPs as these are what the customers prefer.

The friendly staff at Tres Gatos is always ready to assist, and they even offer a cup of coffee while customers browse.

Contact the store

record store address: 470 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130, USA