Record store: Val's Halla Records

The general story on record buying is that we are always looking to buy VG and above records of titles that we think we can sell. Rock, hip-hop, blues, jazz, and soul are generally more sought after than easy listening or classical, but there are exceptions to every rule.


Do you offer cash or store credit for records?

We buy records for cash or store credit. You will always get more value for store credit.

What is the process for selling my records to you?

We will need to see the collection to make an offer, and it is always best to just bring it by the store. When we analyze the collection, we will go through each record to look at the condition and title. We will separate them all into things we can make an offer on and things we cannot.

How should I bring my collection to the store?

How big is the collection? If it is under 100 records, you can just bring them in during store hours. If it is more, just call us ahead so we can plan for your arrival.

What happens to the records you do not buy?

At the end, if we agree on the price, we will keep the records we are buying and give you cash or store credit. For the records we cannot make an offer on (sometimes title, sometimes condition), you can either take them back or leave them. We will re-donate them if you just don't want to haul them back.

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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