Record store: Vinyl Destination

Well first we might ask how many records are you looking to part with?  We are a vintage shope primarily with rock, pop, jazz, reggae, soul etc.... kind of across the board.  What type of music do you have?  Typically we want records that are in very very good shape so that they don't require too much work to get into the bins. Let us know.

How many records are we talking about?  We have recently taken in quite a bit, so not quite ready at this point.  Rick is the one you need to talk to regarding this.

So Please let us know quantity you are interested in parting with before we go further.

Trade credit is possible. We have a few sources that we use to determine value.  And yes the value is totally based on record desireability, certainly the condition must be very good or it's too much work for us.

Might be best for Rick to call you first.  Please send your number.

Mindy Vinyl Destination

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record store address: 937 NE 19th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304, USA