Record store: Wax Xtatic Record Audio Stereo Shop

John at Wax Xtatic curates a prominent record shop renowned for its vast and impressive collection of vinyl, emphasizing the importance of condition, genre, and artist in his acquisitions.


What types of records do you purchase?

Hey, I always buy well cared for collections. Condition, then genre, then artists are the keys. 12-inch singles are a bit tougher sale anymore, but always interested. Feel free to shoot me a list or stop on by.

How does the condition of a record affect its value?

Yeah, if an LP with no cover? Greatly affects it, limited to little or no value.

What are your store hours and availability?

Currently running the store till seven, but I'll try to steal some time to look yet today.

What is your policy on valuations?

I don't give valuations as A) I've not seen them (like valuing a car you've never seen but you know the make and model), and B) My knowledge has value. Like an antique or coin dealer charging for a valuation, I do the same.

What if I have a large collection to sell?

As for the collection, I'd be hard pressed to offer anything significant for them. I'm flush with titles, and I can buy any reissue new and sealed for wholesale prices.

John at Wax Xtatic

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record store address: 18 W Main St, Marshalltown, IA 50158, USA