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Welcome to our FAQ section! Here you'll find useful information on how we handle buying used records, what factors influence their value, and how you can sell your collection to us.


Do you buy used records?

Yes, I do buy used records. A list of titles and condition would be most helpful. You can text the information to 717-476-1835.

How should I list my records for selling?

Providing a list with titles and their condition is crucial. Using a recognized grading system, like the Discogs grading system, will help in assessing their value accurately.

What percentage of the market value do you typically pay?

In my opinion, if you know the Discogs market price of the individual records, you can expect to sell them for approximately half the price.

How does the lack of original covers affect the selling price?

Lack of original covers may be a significant consideration for collectors and can affect the selling price, as original packaging often enhances a record's value.

Can I reach out directly with details about my collection?

Yes, you can text details about your record collection directly to 717-476-1835 for a quicker assessment and response.


Thanks again, Jay Rhine Whirled Records

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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