Record store: Cactus Music


Can I sell my records directly to your store?

We buy records from individuals and have someone on staff from Tuesday - Thursday who can look at physical collections between 11 am - 7 pm.

What if I want to sell my records during the weekend?

Since Friday - Sunday is our busiest time, we have a drop-off service where we take down all of your information and as soon as we look at it, we'll call you with an offer.

Who can I speak to for more information about selling my records?

If you'd like, you can call and speak with Robert, anytime after 11 am, and he'll be able to talk to you more about our process.

What is the best time to contact your store for inquiries?

You can contact us at our number (713)526-9272, ideally after 11 am, to ensure you can speak with someone directly about your inquiries.

How does the drop-off service work?

You can leave your records with us during our busy days (Friday to Sunday), and we'll record your details. We will review your collection and contact you with an offer once we have evaluated it.

-- Cactus Music 2110 Portsmouth Houston, TX 77098 (713) 526 - 9272

Contact the store

record store address: 2110 Portsmouth St, Houston, TX 77098, USA