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What types of music do you carry?

We have a large selection of jazz from all eras, soul, rock, 60s and 70s pop, 80s new wave, and small sections for just about every other genre from the 1890s to the 2010s.

Do you carry new releases or reissues?

Yes, we feature a small selection of new reissues and local artists, with a concentration on punk, indie, and electronic releases including techno, house, ambient, and noise.

What is the price range of your inventory?

We have items at every price point, from one dollar to hundreds of dollars for rare and obscure items.

How often does your inventory change?

The inventory is dynamic and changes frequently. We consistently update our stock to provide a variety of choices for our customers.

Where can I see some of the new arrivals?

We highlight some new arrivals on our Instagram and Facebook pages. You can follow us on Instagram at Hello Records Detroit.

Are there any specific genres you specialize in for local artists?

Yes, for local artists, we particularly focus on punk, indie, and various electronic music genres.


Last updated: 2024-06-21

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