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Do you offer store credit for records?

First, I no longer do store credit, just because we're only online now and it's a hassle for both the customer and myself to keep track of that.

What types of records are you interested in purchasing?

We are always excited to see blues, rock, punk, metal, soundtracks, country, jazz and all genres from around the 50s to current. I'm generally not very interested in easy listening or Broadway but I will take a look at them if they are in pristine condition.

Are there any types of records you generally do not accept?

I'll take a look at anything except classical. I'm not a fan of 45s but I will look at them. Generally, I don't pay much for them either because they're a hassle for me and our website.

How do you evaluate the collection of records?

The only real way to evaluate a collection is to see it in person. If someone tells you they can value your records from pics or will buy them for a per record price, you should run from them. The only way they can make that call is to completely lowball the offer.

Can you provide an example of how specific details influence the value of a record?

An example is there is a fairly easy to find copy of a Led Zeppelin record that sells for $200-400 when other presses sell for $20. You can't tell which copy it is without looking at the matrix. There's a Beatles record the same way. Some first presses of records are worth 10 times the value of later presses and again, you can only tell that by looking at the label and matrix numbers.

What is your payment policy for records?

I always pay at the least 50% of the current value of the records. Most of the time I pay about 75% of the value if they are clean and in great shape.

How quickly can you evaluate a collection?

If you have rock from the 60s-90s, I see that so much that I can value a collection of 1000 records in about an hour, just to give you a time frame. Anything under 300 records takes about 15 minutes or less.

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