Record store: Crazy Rhythms Vinyl Records

If you have a list of collection items or wish to bring them by or meet up, we are flexible with your preference. Please let us know if you wish to proceed.


What types of music collections does CR Records purchase?

We purchase just about any and all collections, large or small. While genre doesn't matter as much, rock, soul, and jazz are particularly desirable for us. However, big band and most easy listening pop/country from the 50s and 60s (e.g., Mantovani, Herb Alpert, Living Strings, Ray Price) are not as desirable.

What is the payment structure for selling records?

We generally pay up to a third of the price we value the items at. For items of higher value that are in much demand amongst our customer base, we can offer a higher percentage.

Are there any types of records CR Records does not consider buying?

We typically do not consider titles that we price at 50 cents or those that belong in our dollar LP sections, as these are harder to move due to less interest.

What are the options for receiving payment?

We offer the same value for cash or trade-in credit. We can also offer a mix of the two or leave you with a credit slip for any remainder in credit for future use.

Contact the store

record store address: storefront facing Avenue B, Garage, Parking, 3617 Broadway # 402, San Antonio, TX 78209, USA