Record store: Disc-Cover Records

We especially love classic rock and metal.

It sounds like you have the kind of things we are looking for. We need records to be in their original cover art. We have spare sleeves if something is missing an inner sleeve, but do make sure they are in good, playable condition. If there are skips we cannot accept them. But VG+ is normally free of that so we should be okay!

Usually you bring the collection to us. You can drop it off and leave your phone number so we can call you with an offer when you are ready, or you can wait. If it is a very large collection you are welcome to bring it in as batches over time. We prefer to cherry pick what is in good condition and will sell for us. We visually inspect every record before accepting them. If the majority is worthwhile we will likely make an offer on everything. We have cash and in store credit as options. You get 40% more with in store credit than with cash, so if you want to exchange for something fresh or even some special orders, we are glad to assist!

Let us know if you have any more questions,

Al Babbitt-Michaela Wilson-Owners Disc-Cover Records 208-466-2890

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record store address: 1224 1st St S #202, Nampa, ID 83651, United States