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Where can I find more information about your store and inventory?

Please check out our website at UGSounds.

How has the vinyl record market changed in Ann Arbor?

Vinyl records became really popular in Ann Arbor around 2004. People are not selling their used vinyl; they're buying. Ann Arbor used to have 2 record stores totally used; one store is gone, the other store is now half new/used.

How many used and new LPs do you have?

We have about 1000 used LPs with another 1000 used classical LPs. We also have 9000 new LPs.

How long does it take for local artists to get their records made?

It is hard for local artists to get records made; typically, I'm told it takes about 9 months to 16 months to get a local artist's record made.

Do you have a special section for local artists?

Few local artists do make records, but we do have some. We do not keep them in a separate section; all artists have a divider tab.

What should I do if I need a faster response or have specific questions?

If you have any questions or need a faster response, please call. This industry sends out way too many emails and I may miss yours.

Matt Bradish\

Underground Sounds
120 E Washington St
Ann Arbor, MI  48104\


Last updated: 2024-06-29

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