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Insightful Interview with Greenhouse Records


Nestled in the heart of Edinburgh, Greenhouse Records has carved out a niche for itself by focusing on underground and experimental music. Co-owned by Joe and his partner, this shop is more than just a place to buy music and books; it's a cultural hub for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

In this interview, we explore what drove them to establish such a unique venture, the distinct experiences they offer, the diverse community they've fostered, and valuable advice for those new to the vinyl scene or looking to sell their collections.

What motivated you to open a unique record shop and bookstore in Edinburgh, focusing on underground and experimental music?

I run the shop with a friend of mine, Joe. We both share a passion for music and books that are often released by independent labels and publishers. Most of the local shops focus more on stocking releases from major labels, so by offering the music and books that we love, we are filling a gap in the local scene.

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How does your store stand out for music enthusiasts, and what unique finds should they expect?

When someone comes into our shop they can expect to be put onto something new. We spend a lot time digging ourselves and tend to find that the music that interests us the most comes from smaller artists and smaller labels so often when people come into the shop they recognise very few of the titles we have but there'll usually be something in there that they'll love and are more than happy to guide them through what we've got in.

Could you describe the community around your store and the types of events you host to cultivate this community?

I think because we stock both records and books the community that has formed around the shop is quite diverse. Even though our shop is very small we host a range of events from listening parties to film screenings. Providing a space for the community has always been one of the things that excites us most about having the shop.

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What advice would you offer to newcomers interested in underground dance music and starting their vinyl collection?

I think for people new to vinyl it is important to us to make that process as welcoming as possible. Especially with dance music it can be quite intimidating coming into a shop and finding only white labels with very little information about what might be on the record. We are always more than happy to give recommendations and encourage people to have a listen before they buy so that we can be sure they are leaving with something that they'll love.

What guidelines should someone follow if they want to sell their record collection to your store?

We tend to have around a 50/50 split of new and used records in the racks. When we are buying used records it's important to make sure that they are in good condition and that the music excites us.

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When we are buying a collection it is always really useful if the seller can provide us with some photos or a list of what they are selling so that we can make sure that they fit in with the kind of thing we are interested in stocking. This saves a lot of time for both of us and if the records don't fit in with what we are looking for we are usually able to send them on to a nearby shop that will be interested.