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Artform Studio: Symphony of Hairdressing and Vinyl Music


Discover the unique blend of style and sound at The Artform Studio, where hairdressing meets the nostalgic echoes of vinyl records. This one-of-a-kind salon enriches your styling experience with the warmth of classic vinyl, embodying a fusion of art, music, and beauty...

What inspired the concept of combining a hair salon with vinyl records at Artform?

I love both hairstyling and music. Listening to vinyl has such a warm sound, and growing up listening to vinyl reminds me of my childhood on weekends with my mom listening to her record collection. I proposed to Adrian to add records as a special element into our hair salon. We play records daily while we work, which adds a special audible delight while getting your hair services.

Artform has a distinct musical preference for classic Hip Hop, jazz, rare soul, and world music. How do these musical genres influence the atmosphere and ethos at Artform?

Our families are immigrants from the Philippines and Guyana. My parents listened to soulful and bossa nova-like Tagalog music. Adrian’s Caribbean family also listened to Reggae music. We grew up listening to jazz and soul music. As we got older, we discovered more hip hop and rare soul. 

How has the community around Artform developed, and what role have events like Record Store Day and your hairdressing events played in this development?

We have a beautiful community that’s inclusive, and our space welcomes everyone who loves the beauty and melodic sounds we share.

We celebrate Record Store Day every year with guest DJs spinning throughout the day while we work on guests’ cuts and color services.

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We have Artform Academy sessions where we teach the art of haircuts and color as we take our teaching courses through a visual music journey through LP cover art of the past and how it relates to our current cut and color session.

With curated records by Adrian Younge and books from ArtDontSleep, how do these selections enhance the customer experience at Artform?

We have specially curated records by Adrian Younge and books on art and music by Andrew Lojero. It brings a more detailed experience in almost all senses to brain waves of sight, sound, and touch.

Looking forward, what new projects or expansions are you planning at Artform in the realms of music or hairdressing?

We are excited about more art and hair education programs at Artform. We will be programming more DJ sessions which we post on our Mixcloud.

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