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Gutfeeling - Vinyl and Espresso Harmony


Gutfeeling combines the best of both worlds: a rich collection of 3,500+ vinyls and free espresso shots. Dive into music from Munich and beyond in our cozy coffee shop setting.

Please share the story behind the inception of Gutfeeling and what inspired you to combine record sales with a coffee shop?

Espresso and vinyl are for me a really good combination. I think every cool store should have an espresso maker. I have a real Italian espresso machine, and nice customers always get a free shot of espresso.

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Approximately, how many records do you have in your collection right now, and how are they categorized? What formats dominate your shelves?

Hard questions… don't know exactly, maybe 2500 - 3000 LPs and 1000 7 inches. I only have vinyl, no CDs, no books, just vinyl.

And a box of 78ers, because I'm also a 78er record collector.

Given the emphasis on local music, how do you select the Munich bands that get to showcase their records in your store?

Most of them show up at my store and I have an own chapter for Munich-based bands.

With a clear preference for vinyl, could you share your thoughts on the vinyl resurgence in recent years? How has this trend affected your store?

It's good kids and young people are buying records. But the prices for new records have increased extremely… coming close to a luxury article… it's hard. But on the other side, you have used vinyl. :)

What criteria do you use when deciding to purchase record collections? Are there specific genres or items you are particularly interested in?

I'm interested in all good musical genres except classical. Grew up with punk/hardcore and still love it, but I also have cumbia, Latin, jazz, folk, country, cajun, obscure stuff from everywhere.

For someone new to vinyl collecting, what advice would you give them when starting their collection, especially when shopping at Gutfeeling Recordstore?

Take some time, have an espresso, and look around the vinyl.

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