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Gallery Row's Vinyl & Art Haven


Who is the owner of the store? I'm curious to know about your journey into vinyl collecting and what prompted you to open your own store.

My dad and I are partners in this venture, and I am owner/operator.  We have always been vinyl collectors and decided to open our Gallery Row store in January 2013; five years ago we moved to our corner location.  Over the years we’ve developed our theme of the “Vinyl store with more.”  We love the tactical, visual, and sound of great vinyl, as well as the history of records and, indeed, the cover art.  Our expansion has included a more organic and original selection of art, and items.  I am an artist and I'm so happy to have this venue to display and sell my art.

Approximately, how many records do you have in your collection right now, and how are they categorized?

We have two online Discogs sites and our brick and mortar on Gallery Row with over 3000 titles which include americana, folk, classic rock, jazz selections.  My dad, Todd, leans more towards classic jazz and sixties folk and early rock.  He is also a Dylan and Beatles collector.  I agree with Papa but also like hip-hop, and like weird mixtapes of diverse genres, and also stock cassettes, CDs, and anything else which draws attention

Is there something particularly rare or unique that can only be found at your store? What sets your store apart from others?

Most likely our “more” aspect of Record Store with “More” which includes original artists including me and at any time 6-7 regional artists; and we are also known as “that cat store in lancaster on the corner” due to our two live-in cats that often are in our front window.  We love animals of every kind and are supporters of Lancaster Farm Sanctuary and their vegan mission and love of animals.

Aside from vinyl, what other items are available for purchase at your store?

We are excited to offer original art of local artists selections as we move into the spring and Art Walk, as well as 25 categories of lifestyle items curated with awesome brands - people often remark about how they feel we have a little of everything

Do you host any events?

We have had guest artists on Music Friday and First Fridays as well as Lancaster Art Walks and semi-annual Record Store Days.  We love being in Lancaster, my dad grew up here, and we have strong sense of pride about the diversity, art, music and history of the city

Do you buy vinyl from private collections?

Always yes, please let your readers know we are here to offer competitive prices for collections.