Record store: Enterprise Records

First, a little background.  Enterprise Records has been around since '87, now in its 6th location within two blocks the first one, with me at the helm the whole time.  Through a number of permutations over the decades, it's now a one-man operation; just me, three days a week, Fri. & Sat. noon - 6, Sun. 1-5.  And it still gets me out of bed every day.

Now, your questions.  Yes, buying from individuals is a routine part of what I do, week in, week out, very often with house calls to look at records on offer.  As for requirements, genres, eras, etc., I'm strictly an LP guy -- no 78s or 45s -- and generally speaking, when people ask what kind of records I buy, my answer is always "anything good".  And I'm an absolute stickler for condition.  With rare exception, anything short of nearly like-new condition is of little or no interest.

If you feel it would be worth your while to have me come and meet with you we can set something up, or you can bring in what you have during my business hours.  No appointments are necessary. 


Contact the store

record store address: 4 Pine St, Portland, ME 04102, USA