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Right now, the Emporium is looking for good Rock records from the 1950's they the 1980's. After this, in descending order of preference for purchasing, are Blues, Jazz and certain World Music and Soundtrack recordings, plus certain high value Pop Singers. I have more Classical and Pop insrumental  at present than I know what to do with. Just a word or two about condition and what I am able to pay. I generally look for copies in good shape - no overt or visible scratches, no warpage, no water damage and no major problems with the outer sleeves. For certain outstanding recordings, I may pay from $5 to $8. My more typical purchase offer is around $2 to $4 per disc. I'm attempting to keep purchase prices reasonable for the consumer, and my own purchases therefore must be likewise. If there is anything rare or in extraordinary condition, we can haggle. I would offer about $2 in store credit for every $1 that I would pay directly.

BTW, I'd be happy to informally let you know my thoughts on the value parameters of the worth of your collection, but this is in no way intended as a solid legal estimation - it will simply reflect my thoughts on what your records are worth in today's collectors market. One should never get an estimation from someone who intends on purchasing your items, as they might severely under-estimate things based on their desire to secure themselves a favorable deal. If you want a certified figure that you can use for legal purposes, you must seek out a state registered or licensed appraiser, whose estimation can be used in tax matters, such as allowable donations to a non-profit institution, for example.

Best Wishes,

Chuck Klaus The Grand Emporium San Pedro, CA.

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