Record store: Grimey's New & Preloved Music

We purchase records from our customers and would be happy to look at the albums that you are interested in selling.


How should I bring my albums for evaluation?

Please bring your albums by the shop during business hours so we can evaluate them based on the title and the condition of the jacket & vinyl.

What can I expect in terms of payment for my albums?

Once we evaluate your albums, we will let you know how much we can offer you in cash or store credit (which is a bit more).

What is the process for large collections, such as 100 albums?

For a buy as large as 100 albums, people often drop those off with us because it tends to take some time to go through that many titles. Most folks drop off buys of that size, and we call them to let them know when we're finished processing their records.

Do you buy other items besides records?

We also buy CDs, cassettes, and select books and DVDs or Blu-rays from customers.

I hope this information helps! Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you for thinking of us :)


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record store address: 1060 E Trinity Ln, Nashville, TN 37216, USA