Record store: Guy in the Groove

I've been buying and selling records for over 48 years and am eager to work with you. Let's discuss what you've got.


What types of records are you interested in?

Having reviewed your list, there are many titles of interest along with others that hold little market value. We see a wide variety each time, and I'm pretty fast at assessing them in person.

How do you handle ambiguous album titles?

For albums where it's ambiguous as to which edition or issue it is, such as with multiple self-titled releases by Crosby Stills and Nash, it's quicker and more efficient to see them in person. I could look up the issue number, but assessing in person is faster.

Are you willing to make house calls to evaluate collections?

Yes, I'm happy to come to you if you'd like. I do what I refer to as "house calls" quite regularly, but am also happy to discuss other options.

What form of payment do you offer for records?

I pay cash for records.

For more details or to arrange an evaluation, please contact me at 505-699-3332.


  • Dick

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record store address: 502 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87501, USA