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We take in thousands of books varying widely from genre and age. We have all the sections a library would have. Currently we are buying up to 2 boxes or less of books, records, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays and textbooks from the public everyday from 10am to 2pm. We will look over the condition and content and give you a cash offer based on those factors. Offers are not based on a predetermined unit cost. We will let you know if there is anything we won't be able to pay for, if we can only clearance it or recycle it and if you want to take them back, you are more than welcome to. If the majority of a buy holds stuff we can't offer anything for and it is too cumbersome, then we may turn it away. If you consider your items holding more value then what we offer, we will always recommend that you can make more if you sell it yourself.

If your buy is larger than two boxes, you could bring them in on separate days otherwise you can donate the rest if needed. We are not able to visit sellers households as all our staff are required to stay in the store.

Thank you again for your interest in our store. Call us if you have any further questions. Have a great day.

Best, Half Off Books Records Films 141 W Wilshire Ave Ste A Fullerton, CA 92832 714.770.0600

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record store address: 141 W Wilshire Ave # A, Fullerton, CA 92832, USA