Record store: House and Barn Collectables


Can you purchase my vinyl records?

I appreciate your interest, but at this time, I cannot purchase additional inventory. I sell a limited number of records annually, primarily on consignment, and currently, my storage capacity is full.

Do you have vinyl records for sale?

Yes, I have a selection of vinyl records in stock, which are sold on consignment. Feel free to inquire about our current inventory.

How often do you add new records to your inventory?

I might sell 2 or 3 records a year. New additions to the inventory are infrequent due to limited space and the consignment nature of our sales.

What can I do with records you cannot purchase?

You might try selling them online or visiting some shops in Abingdon, which typically have higher foot traffic than my location in Richlands.

What are the business challenges you face?

There are days and weeks when no one visits my shop, making it difficult to justify purchasing inventory. I am currently struggling to maintain the business under these conditions.

Ramona Simmons

Last updated: 2024-05-29

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