Record store: Abandoned Luncheonette

I purchase collections big and small for our store, including all formats of music, books, and movies. My interest and the price I can offer is based on what the titles are and what condition they are in.


How do you evaluate collections?

What I typically do is make house calls to look at collections. This saves people the hassle of bringing in items that we might not end up buying, especially since our store hours and space are limited.

How can I arrange for you to evaluate my collection?

Please let me know if you'd like me to come take a look at what you have. I'm available this afternoon and evening, Thursday evening, and Saturday afternoon. You can reach me at my cell: 609-560-5951.

Who should I contact?

You can contact Dave at Abandoned Luncheonette. His cell phone number is 609-560-5951.

Contact the store

record store address: 235 Mill St, Moorestown, NJ 08057, USA