Record store: Jerry's Records

A store interested in purchasing record collections from various sources, including estates, radio stations, businesses, and individuals looking to declutter. They highlight their interest in a wide array of genres, such as rock, pop, metal, soul, R&B, disco, funk, jazz, and more, indicating they are open to purchasing a broad spectrum of music.

Jerry's Records emphasizes their willingness to buy collections containing 500 or more records and outlines two primary methods for transaction: bringing the records to the store or, in certain cases, having the store staff come to the seller's location for collection evaluation. The store also mentions their vast inventory, which spans nearly 1 million albums across all conceivable genres, along with 45s and 12" singles, all offered at competitive prices.

They are open to buying vinyl records in various conditions and genres and also offer the option to trade records, making it accessible for even those on a tight budget to engage in exchanging their unwanted records for something new from Jerry's extensive collection.

Yes, we buy collections. It be easiest to explain how we do it over the phone. Please call: 412-421-4533 (Tues - Sat: 10AM - 6PM), and Sun: (12PM - 5PM).

Contact the store

record store address: 2, 2136 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217, USA